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Testimonial from Jack Girling in Lowestoft

After trying with another local driving school, who I found the instructor difficult to understand and didn't feel at ease, someone recommended Steve Lightfoot at Ignition Driving School.

With Steve it was a totally different experience. Steve was friendly and supportive from the word go, which made me more confident with each lesson. Thoroughly recommend him.

Testimonial from Emma Douglas in Swindon

My experience with Ignition was Brilliant! Although I was unable to book my lessons in as short a space of time as I wanted, Steve was a Brilliant instructor, made me feel relaxed and instilled the confidence I needed to pass. Would definitely recommend Ignition / Steve to anyone I know wanting lessons.

Thank you!

Testimonial from Taylor-Louise Thomas in Leamington

Easy to contact instructor and friendly, understanding manner to situations e.g. for cancellations or changing lessons. Vey leniant and adaptable.

Testimonial from Matthew in Kenilworth

When I first started driving lessons with Ignition I had two previous instructors of which one of them had a different job, so was not flexible. Mark has been available at weekends, he fitted in with my needs rather than what he would have wanted to do. Prices were great. Recommend to anyone starting to drive. Excellent service, hope to complete pass plus soon.

Testimonial from Nicole Ragan in Lowestoft

I really enjoyed my driving lessons. Steve took the time to develop my confidence and supported me until the end.

Testimonial from James Hooper in Cheltenham

Before Ignition i was with a different driving school. The availability of the instructors was bad and I dreaded having or taking lessons. after switching to Ignition I couldn't believe the difference, not only where they cheaper but the quality of the lessons and the friendly instructor was a massive improvement. I then enjoyed taking lessons and my instructor( who I am happy to say was Peter Baker) made me calm and confident enough to pass with only 2 miners! Thank you Ignition

Testimonial from Ghena Zakhour in Swindon

Learn to drive with your company is good value for money. As for your instructor, Steve's teaching is outstanding, friendly, honest. Ignition should be proud of having a teacher like him.

Testimonial from Jonathan Smith in Leamington

Ignition Driving School helped me out a lot. They helped me get my goal - to pass my driving test / theory. My driving instructor Dennis was a big help. He helped me learn to drive and I would like to thank him.

Testimonial from Holly Curtis in Swindon

Sandra was a great and friendly instructor.

She always did her best to fit lessons in around my working schedule and move others' lessons to suit me as I neared my test.

I would definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Darrell Durrant in Burnley

My lessons with Ryan were very enjoyable. All my lessons were also done at my own learning pace and he was very patient with me. I would definitely recommend Ignition Driving School to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Testimonial from Majed in Kenilworth

I am definitely happy that I chose Ignition Driving School.
Paul is a pleasant person who has been of great help throughout my driving lessons. His instructions are clear, simple and straightforward. He never makes things complicated for the student as he has an excellent skill of observation that enables him to focus on the student's points of weakness in driving.
I'd recommend Paul to any student wishing to learn as well as enjoying driving.

Testimonial from Harriet in Warwick

I wasn't apprehensive about starting my driving lessons. However, even if I had been I have no doubt that Kelly would have done all she could to put me at my ease. She was always pleasant and helpful - I couldn't have wished for a nicer person to teach me! It was particularly useful being able to text at short notice - the flexibility was very helpful. I have already recommended Ignition to two friends and no doubt I will continue to do so in the future. Thank you Kelly for all your guidance and support!

Testimonial from C.Outridge in Leamington

I took many lessons with Jim Hosking - who was just fantastic as an instructor.
I was very apprehensive, and he managed to put me completely at ease during lessons now that I have passed my test I can say I will miss my lessons with Jim!
The timing of lessons was very flexible and always fitted in with my work and family life. I have recommended Ignition Driving School to many friends and colleagues.

Testimonial from Danielle Dennis in Swindon

I had such an amazing experience learning to drive with Ignition and my driving instructor was so friendly and understanding. I was able to form a great bond with her and she made me feel at ease with the car. I was able to pass my test with no minors!!! 5 Star Rating!

Testimonial from George Lewis in Swindon

Steve was a great driving instructor. Only having a relatively short time to learn before my test, I was unsure as to whether or not I would pass.

Thankfully the learning process gave me the confidence and skills required to pass whilst never feeling stressful thanks to Steve's unique sense of humour!

I would definitely recommend Ignition and Steve in particular to anybody learning to drive.

Testimonial from Stuart Potts in Leamington

I was totally inexperienced when I had my first lesson with Dennis. He went through all the lesson breakdowns and what we'd be doing each week. He made the lesson easy to understand and worked at a pace that suited me. Overall, Dennis and the team at Ignition have made my driving experience enjoyable.

Testimonial from Megan in Lowestoft

I had an awesome instructor, he helped me to learn and pass my test in just a few months, always friendly and on time. Really excellent value for money and enjoyed my lessons. All the questions I asked about driving and the road was answered Brilliant! Would recommend to anyone.

Testimonial from Karthik Surendran in Great-yarmouth

I took driving lessons from Ignition as my international licence was about to expire. I found my driving instructor Steve was a very relaxed, considerate and chilled out person.

He patiently corrected my mistakes and was never overly critical. He also was quite friendly which made me very relaxed for my test.

I passed my practical test with just 4 minors on the first attempt and I must really thnak Steve for his inspiring approach.

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for lessons around Lowestoft. Thanks Steve and Ignition.

Testimonial from Julie Thomas in Burnley

Having had driving lessons with a different instructor and failing three times, I never thought I would be able to pass my practical driving test.

However, I moved to Ignition Driving School, ad under the expert tuition of Ryan Meachin both my confidence and ability increased in a very short space of time. Ryan is a brilliant instructor who is very friendly and professional. I passed my test first time with Ignition Driving School!

Many thanks
Julie Thomas

Testimonial from Jordan Hockold in Lowestoft

Steve was a legend, even though I am a nervous person, he always kept me calm. I truly rate Steve to the highest quality! I think without Steve I wouldnt have passed my driving test first time.

Testimonial from Gemma Coton in Warwick

Dennis was a fantastic instructor, he put me at ease from the first lesson. Ignition were easy to deal with, all my questions were answered and I found the whole experience very enjoyable. I plan to take the Pass Plus with Ignition in the Summer.

Testimonial from Anonymous in Kenilworth

Although I was nervous before I started my lessons, I soon felt very comfortable driving. Mark was a great teacher, and was always helpful and supportive. I am glad I chose Ignition Driving School and would definitely recommend it to others. I particularly thought that the pictures of manoeuvre were good.

Thank you for all your help!

Testimonial from Anonymous in Lowestoft

Steve was very helpful. He has a very patient and positive manner. I actually enjoyed my lessons, despite thinking I would not.

Testimonial from Swayam Thapa in Swindon

Where do I begin from?...

I'm so grateful to Sandra without her it would not have possible for me to pass my practical test. The ideal instructor for anyone wanting to learn how to drive, very flexible, friendly and cooperative. The price is reasonable comparing to other driving schools.

Thank you once again!!

Testimonial from Jodie Singleton in Burnley

I have been with other instructors before but I would not have passed my test it was not for Ryan. I am a nervous driver but Ryan made me feel so relaxed and calm which helped a lot.

Testimonial from Shay Jordan in Lowestoft

I began learning to drive with Steve the day after my 17th birthday and after my first hour I was already able to drive confidently. Steve is a friendly instructor who I was able to build a good rapport with and after only 15 hours of lessons I was able to pss my test first time and drive with confidence.

Testimonial from Abbey in Leamington

I don't think there is anything that needs to be changed about the way Ignition run their school. I had Jim as my instructor and he was the most friendliest, welcoming person ever! I really enjoyed taking lessons with Ignition. So thank you.

Testimonial from Lucy Smith in Kenilworth

Dennis was a very reliable, punctual and accommodating instructor and I would definitely recommend him to any new driver.

Testimonial from Nikki James in Swindon

Sandra is such a lovely instructor - I was always able to ask questions, and if I did not understand she was happy to explain in a different way so that I understood. Very patient and understanding of nerves. If you are serious about wanting to learn to drive, I would recommend Sandra to anyone. Could not be more happy with my experience.

Testimonial from Charlotte Lomas in Redditch

Milly was amazing. Would recommend to anyone. She made me feel at ease and made lessons fun. She was very patient with me and gave me very clear instructions on how to improve. Always on time for lessons and very flexible with my busy work schedule. Passed first time with only 2 minors. Thanks Milly!!

Testimonial from Louise in Leamington

My driving instructor was very nice and friendly. He was also a great instructor and was a great teacher.

Testimonial from Michelle in Warwick

I was very nervous about learning to drive, but when I met Kelly I was relaxed straight away. She was a really nice lady & very friendly.

I can´t believe the patience she had! I wouldn´t change anything about the whole driving experience. I have already recommended a few people to use Ignition.

Thank you very much for getting me through my test!

I hope me and Kelly can stay in touch.

Testimonial from Jake Cole in Swindon

Learning with Ignition was great, I wanted to get my licence quickly before the summer and my instructor was more than happy to help by giving me the hours I needed to pass 1st time!

Testimonial from Jason in Warwick

As an ex-pupil of the Ignition Driving School my experiences with Kelly my driving instructor were most enjoyable, from my very first lesson right through to my driving test I was dealt with the upmost respect. Kelly made me feel at ease and explained everything to me so I understood what I needed to know, nothing was too much trouble even when I asked more than once (which was quite often).

I was recommended to Ignition from a friend who had the same experiences as I had, they also passed their driving test first time the same as me. Also two other friends passed first time with Ignition so I felt their pass rate was excellent and that's what made me choose this particular driving school, along with the fact that they said the instructor was very easy to understand and get on with.

They gave me all the info I needed for my theory and once I passed that we moved on to my driving test and it was all at my pace which was great.

I would highly recommend Ignition Driving School to anyone and have done in the past and the future to family and friends and they all agree they are a very good driving school, so go on give them a go and throw away those L plates and start cursing like me.

Thanks Kelly for everything.

Testimonial from Emma Jackson in Swindon

Sandra was very friendly, easy to talk to. When I got nervous or started to panic she would just tell me to calm down and not dwell on it if I made a mistake.

Thank you Sandra for helping me to pass my test!!

Testimonial from Lucy in Warwick

A big thank you to Kelly

After stopping my driving lessons in 1994 to have my son, I found it really hard to get back into driving. My driving instructor had also stopped teaching so this also made it very difficult.

After phoning around many different instructors, I then phoned Ignition, and spoke to Kelly. I got a very happy friendly voice, which made me feel relaxed.

Lesson times were never going to be easy as getting childcare was a problem and working different hours each week, which meant hours were limited.

Kelly always fitted me in for an hour, lessons were great, I was also comfortable. We always had a laugh and a chat. Any problems I could always text Kelly or she could text me. I really enjoyed my lessons and building my confidence towards my test. I look forward and am happy to pass on Ignition Driving School to my friends (especially Kelly) Thanks to Kelly I've passed my test but also made a new friend.

Testimonial from Nicola Applewhaite in Swindon

Ignition Driving School is fab. I was put right at ease and never looked low cost but high standard. Past my test 1st time with only 3 minors.

Thank you for giving me my freedom!

Testimonial from Kirsty McEveney in Warwick

Throughout my time learning to drive Dennis my driving instructor was always supportive and positive and gave me the confidence I needed when learning to drive.

Even on the bad lessons, which everyone has, he always remained positive and supported me in learning from my mistakes, giving me confidence to keep learning.

I would highly recommend Ignition Driving School and Dennis as an instructor as I was a nervous driver and someone anxious about learning to drive. This all changed when learning and now I've passed, which I never thought I would. So a big thank you to Dennis and Ignition Driving School.

Testimonial from Michelle Merlini in Swindon

I really enjoyed my lessons with Sandra / Ignition. She made learning to drive fun and friendly. I managed to pass my first test. Absolutely over the moon

Testimonial from Dan Geerah in Swindon

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with Steve, his calm and relaxed approach allowed me to learn in a perfect driving atmosphere, and his experience at getting a student ready for their test paid off!

Thanks Steve!

Testimonial from Jacob Brooks in Lowestoft

The lessons were great, the instructors were friendly and I finally passed! Great stuff.

Testimonial from Anonymous in Colne

An excellent driving instructor and a pleasure to learn with.

Testimonial from Rhiannon Lawton in Warwick

Brilliant driving school and friendly instructor who made me feel relaxed and comfortable when driving. I would definitey recommend.

Testimonial from Mary J Fernandes in Swindon

I would like to thank Sandra 'ignition' for all her support and help and the training she gave me for my driving lessons. She is a wonderful trainer and the best one I had. I have recommended lots of my friends and family members to Ignition Driving School. Once again I would like to thank 'Ignition Driving School' and Sandra for all their hard work and training me to acheieve my goal to become a good driver.

Testimonial from Anonymous in Swindon

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience with Steve. He made me feel relaxed and at ease from my first lesson.

Testimonial from Bernadette in Warwick

I had tried another, but was recommended Ignition by someone I worked with. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instruction, and would recommend this school for any of you with a nervous disposition and the instruction was excellent.
Kelly was very clear at ensuring I had a "method" of doing everything which I found hard. It was this level of help which allowed me to succeed.
Many thanks

Testimonial from Charlotte Slade in Leamington

After 4 years away from driving, Colin immediately made me feel relaxed and capable. He has a calm, reassuring manner and has a way of constructively telling you where you're going wrong without making you feel inept.
His jokes always lightened the mood and put me at ease, particularly when I was having an off day (although, he'd never say if I were).
I passed first time, and within 2 months (and less than 10 hours) of starting my lessons here. This is in no small part due to Colin, who is worth absolutely every penny that he is paid. Thank you!

Testimonial from Jake Turner in Leamington

The knowledge and patience of the instructors is great, friendly atmosphere, would recommend to others

Testimonial from Harriet in Leamington

My first lesson with Jim made me feel very comfortable after having been rather apprehensive of starting to learn.

He helped me to relax by giving me clear instructions without putting too much pressure on me, while at the same time encouraging me to progress and grow in confidence.

I am very thankful to Jim for helping me to pass my test 1st time and would definitely recommend Ignition Driving School to a friend.

Testimonial from Paige Jeffers in Great-yarmouth

Steve was a very professional and friendly instructor. He always gave me helpful feedback on my progress and without him i doubt i would have had the confidence to go ahead with booking my test. I'm glad i did as i passed first time with Steve's patience and encouragement.

Testimonial from Anonymous in Lowestoft

Steve, He was an excellent instructor and made me feel at ease / confident. I would highly recommend him.

Testimonial from James Richards in Swindon

I was really happy that I chose Ignition Driving School. I started off with Swindon Driving Academy and thought it was so boring and hated my instructor. Sandra really made it as enjoyable as possible and got me passed. I play for Swindon youth team and as next season I will be a second year apprentice I will definitely recommend Ignition Driving School. There are 3 of us in the team that have used you and passed now so I'm very thankful for what you and Sandra have done for us.

Testimonial from Lisa in Lowestoft

Steve was my 3rd instructor and by far the best, always very helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to finally pass after 3 attempts, I recommended Steve to my friend who also passed recently. Absolutely fantastic instructor and highly recommended.

Testimonial from E Smallwood in Warwick

Colin was an excellent instructor with a lot of driving experience. He helped me learn 100 percent to pass my test. Would recommend him to all learners.

Testimonial from Biljama Stojkovska in Warwick

Everything was great!

Testimonial from Matthew Nash in Lowestoft

Fantastic experience with Steve. Great instructor and very helpful.

Testimonial from Lucy Fayers in Lowestoft

Learning with Ignition was a fun experience, and I feel that throughout the course I was guided well on what to do and how to do it. I would definitely recommend the company to anyone.

Testimonial from Samira in Swindon

Sandra was friendly and helpful. I liked the way she was arranging time for me with her availability with other pupils. I also liked the car, it was perfect car for a learner. Many thanks to Sandra and her patience.

Testimonial from Colette Moss in Swindon

I was a passenger of a motorway RTA, in which the driver died. I was getting flashbacks when confronted by articulated lorries and was put off learning to drive for many years. However, having spent many years waiting for taxis, buses and for people to pick me up, I decided to take the plunge and learn to drive.

I emailed many companies telling them about my plight and only ONE replied, Ignition. I was then introduced to my driving instructor Mr Steve Perry and even after I told him what I went through he agreed to teach me. Although progress was slow (due to the fact I was happy to just drive on back roads), Steve spent many lessons reassuring me that the car has dual controls and that nothing was going to happen to me or the car. Even when I made mistakes Steve made me feel at ease and relaxed. Steve was very patient and encouraged me to believe in myself. Steve made me see sense and after many lessons I was ready to take my test.

On January 27th, I took my driving test and to my amazement I passed with just 3 minors. I have recently been doing the Pass Plus which I have really enjoyed, as it has helped me to have a better understanding of the different situations that I as a driver could be confronted with.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and Ignition and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about learning to drive to give you a call.

Testimonial from Pam Mick in Kenilworth

I had a wonderful learning experience with Ignition. My instuctor was excellent! He was always friendly,on time, patient and he made the lessons enjoyable. I felt my money was not in the least bit wasted, my instructor used every minute of each lesson to teach me about driving. I felt very prepared for the test. After passing my test I felt so happy and proud. i passed because I had a brilliant instructor from Ignition

Testimonial from Anonymous in Swindon

During my lessons, it was an enjoyable experience. I learned new things every lesson. My instructor (Steve Perry) made me feel comfortable and at ease. He had total faith in my ability even when I doubted myself.
Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend Steve to any of my friends who wish to take driving lessons in the future.

Testimonial from Elena Matei in Swindon

Sandra was a brilliant instructor, I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn to drive with Ignition. Her directions and information during my driving lessons were clear and helpful. Her feedback was useful during each lesson. I passed my practical test first time. Thank you for all your help.

Testimonial from Fraser in Stratford

Passed first time after only 13 lessons and 3 months and 10 days after turning 17! Nothing else to add... Andy, my instructor was brilliant.

Testimonial from Hannah & Amie in Warwick

We would (& have) recommend Kelly & Ignition Driving School to friends.

Kelly's teaching ability is excellent, she is calm, methodical without being slow or boring, a good communicator and safe. She is very well respected at the test centre. In dealing with young people Kelly was understanding, approachable & flexible - teenagers can be tricky!!

Kelly seems to handle them very well.

Thank you very much Kelly.

Testimonial from Nikki Underhay in Warwick

I am very happy with my experience with Ignition Driving School.
I was incredibly nervous when I started learning to drive, but Kelly was really patient and great at putting my nerves at rest. Always very supportive.

Being a stay at home parent, I was quite restricted in when I could take my lessons, but Kelly was great at always being able to fit me in when it suited me.

I would recommend Ignition to anyone learning to drive and think the high level of teaching is fantastic value for money.

Being able to drive has changed mine and my son's lifestyle. So many, many thanks!

Testimonial from George Mullard in Swindon

I started learning when I was 17 with a different instructor, then I changed to Ignition 2 years later. My instructor Steve Perry is a credit to Ignition Driving School, lessons were very enjoyable and managed to pass with only 2 minors. I would recommend Steve for any one else learning to drive, and have already passed on two friends to him. Ps. Need more instructors like Steve.

Testimonial from Jenny Cullimore in Cheltenham

I had Pete as my instructor and he was lovely, always warm and friendly, always a little bit early for lessons, was patient and didn't make me feel i had driven badly, always advising not telling me where to do better. I have had a few different instructors over the years and had to keep stopping due to lack of money or family reasons, but I honestly have to say Pete has helped me the most

Testimonial from Daniel Anguish in Lowestoft

Excellent instructor, the best.

He is patient, explains everything to you in detail, Steve is friendly and patient, he will not rip you off and tell you that you need more lessons when you don't, as do some instructors I have been with in the past. I would recommend him to everyone, he is already teaching my brother to drive, and his prices are good.

Thank you for a fantastic driving experience.
The best instructor.

Testimonial from Santhosh Puttegowda in Swindon

I joined Ignition and Mr Steve Perry was my instructor. He was very friendly, professional, very informative and his teaching technique was ultimate. I started enjoying it from day 1. I passed my test with minimum classes. Today I am a confident driver. Thanks Steve.

Testimonial from Christian Cusick in Cheltenham

When I started with Ignition I had very little driving experience. My instructor, Mark, was very patient, informative and easy to get along with. He made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks to Mark I passed first time, with only 3 minors.

Testimonial from Nicola Jones in Leamington

Despite initial nerves, I quickly started to enjoy my driving lessons with Ignition. Colin is everything a good driving instructor should be: calm, patient, professional and with a good sense of humour! He was also skilled at explaining things in different ways until the ideas finally clicked in my mind.

I'm delighted to have passed my test...Thank you Colin and Ignition.

Testimonial from Bradley Steers in Great-yarmouth

Steve made learning to drive enjoyable and really comfortable. Failed my first attempt but with Steve's constructive criticism and positives only a few weeks later I passed with only 3 minors. Definitely will recommend to anyone! Thanks Steve and Ignition.

Testimonial from Alex Clarke in Leamington

Brilliant instructor! Finally passed after several attempts and several driving instructors. Dennis was the push I needed. Would definitely recommend.

Testimonial from Leanne Winfield in Swindon

I was quite apprehensive before starting my lessons but after my 1st lesson, I felt very confident. I have to say Steve is the best driving instructor ever! He was always helpful, pleasant, friendly and very funny! He taught me so much in such little time and gave me the confidence and push I needed.

I would definitely recommend Ignition to anyone. Thanks for everything Steve.

Testimonial from Nathan Hodges in Lowestoft

Steve was a very friendly and helpful instructor. My time with him was never a chore and always constructive and informative.

Testimonial from Anonymous in

I was slightly apprehensive before as I had no previous experience of driving.
My instructor was extremely helpful, pleasant and friendly.
I don't think anything could have been done better.
I would recommend Ignition to other people.
Thank you for all your help and support.

Testimonial from Charlotte in Kenilworth

On my first lesson I told my instructor, Mark, that I wanted to learn to drive in quite a short space of time - he really helped me do this, and was flexible and communicative throughout the four months that I had lessons with Ignition.

During the lessons themselves, he made me calm and relaxed and learning to drive was enjoyable as well as beneficial.

I would definitely recommend both Mark and Ignition Driving School to others.

Testimonial from Timothy Erskine in Swindon

Steve from Ignition was incredibly friendly, patient and thorough in his teaching. He made learning to drive an enjoyable experience, helped me to pass first time, and I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks very much Steve!

Testimonial from Oliver John Humphries in Cheltenham

I was very impressed with the service and friendliness of my instructor, I have had lessons with other companies and instructors, Mark was by far the best. Many thanks.

Testimonial from Rowan in Kenilworth

I really enjoyed my driving lessons. Paul was very welcoming and patient, whilst I got the hang of all the manoeuvres. The car was nice to drive, and the booking hours very flexible. I have not just learned to pass my driving test, but to be a safe and cautious driver, picking up useful life skills I can use for the rest of my life.

Thanks for all your help, I enjoyed driving thoroughly and am so pleased I passed my test.

Testimonial from Ben George in Lowestoft

I would highly recomend Steve as a driving instructor. Each lesson was an enjoyable experience and made me feel at ease. He had a lot of patience and I have also recommended him to many of my friends.

Testimonial from Alan Tucker in Swindon

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Ignition. My instructor, Steve, was friendly, patient and supportive throughout, and I passed my test at the first attempt, after fewer hours than I thought I would need. Thank you!

Testimonial from Sam Shilton in Kenilworth

From the moment I started my lessons, Kelly was fantastic, even I thought I was doing terrible, Kelly would assure me.
Doing an intensive course was the best thing I've ever done and I would highly recommend Ignition to others.
Great value and friendl instructor.
Keep up the fantastic work!

Testimonial from Katie Minto in Chester

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning to drive. At first I was extremely nervous, but my nerves disappeared after my first lesson was over as Dan was extremely patient with me and kind.

I would definitely recommend Ignition Driving School. Overall the whole experience from my first lesson to driving test was great!

Testimonial from Amelia McColl in Warwick

I began learning with Ignition Driving School in February 2011. My instructor, Kelly, was a great teacher! I felt confident and comfortable behind the wheel from the first lesson with her. Kelly always answered my questions and was flexible with lesson days and times. She was a lovely person as well as an overall excellent instructor. I'd definitely recommend Ignition Driving School to people I know, especially Kelly. I passed my theroy and practical tests first time within 11 weeks of learning. I'll definitely be returning to Ignition Driving School for my Pass Plus course.

Testimonial from J. Baillie in

While learning to drive, I found my instructor very helpful patient and kind. I felt he taught me appropriately and helped me when I found things difficult. I felt that whilst learning, things were taught to me well and there was nothing I could have done differently, I will be recommending Ignition to anybody who I know that is about to learn to drive.

Testimonial from Megan in Warwick

Dennis was a great instructor, he made me feel at ease and stress free during my lessons. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends and I'm very thankful of all his help.

Testimonial from Lauren Knappett in Swindon

After a total of 20-30 lessons with two other driving schools, I found Ignition who appointed Sandra as my instructor. I am very pleased they did as she was brilliant with the way she teaches and finally after 4 months I passed first time.

Testimonial from Rachel Dunkley in Warwick

I was thoroughly delighted with Kelly as a driving instructor, always happy and smiling but yet honest with regards to driving and how it was going. She always went out of her way to squeeze more lessons in to enable me to meet the fixed deadline of my driving test... and I passed!
Thank you very much!

Testimonial from Arun Thomas in Warwick

It has been a pleasure to start my driving lessons with Ignition Driving School after having to give up hope of ever passing the test with another driving school as it just wasn't coping up with my style. Rather than making me feel at ease behind the wheel, they were trying to make me change my driving style so that it added another couple of paid hours for them and more misery for me. With over 6 years of driving experience over some of the craziest roads in the world, I found it ridiculous and had to walk away from them, even thought there were a few hours of paid lessons leftover.

Starting my lessons back at Ignition I simply felt great behind the wheel, as I now had an instructor who was happy to observe my driving style and make suggestions so that it was aligned with the requirements of the DSA. The patience shown by the instructor is definitely worth mentioning as it brought back my confidence on passing the test and driving was fun again. The timings were adjusted to suit my requirements and the mock tests massively improved my chance of passing the practical test. After 20 hours of lessons and two tests later I am the proud owner of a full UK driver's licence. Today when I have to drive 120 miles a day to my work place, I feel so much at ease. Thanks to Ignition for making my driving experience a happy one, for today and for many more years to come.

Testimonial from Charlotte in Warwick

I found my lessons with Kelly very enjoyable and don't think I would have passed first time if it wasn't for her.
I was very apprehensive before starting lessons with Ignition as I had lessons elsewhere and was very put off with driving but decided to give it one last try as I knew driving is a life skill. She showed me techniques to make it a lot more simpler that I never knew before and built up my confidence a lot behind the wheel.
Kelly is extremely helpful, pleasant and friendly. I'll miss our weekly gossips we used to have! The tuition was excellent, I can not think of a single thing that could have been done better or differently.
My friend has not started learning to drive yet and I will definitely recommend her to Kelly and I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as me!.

Testimonial from Jodie Watson in Swindon

My brother recommended me to Ignition and I was amazed at the service I received, as for my instructor Steve, he was one of the friendliest, kind hearted, confidence boosting people I personally have ever met! He even brought me a Costa! I have recommended Ignition to my fiance, work colleagues and friends. If I had stayed with my old driving school I dont believe I would have passed , I love Ignition! I have so much respect for Steve, Thank you so much! Jodie Watson

Testimonial from Amy Durham in Kenilworth

Excellent learning experience, not rushed but made significant progress each week.

Testimonial from Jemma in Leamington

I had very little confidence when I first started my driving lessons. I couldn't imagine myself ever being ready to take the test, let alone actually pass it!

But Jim was a brilliant instructor, he was really friendly and explained everything so clearly. I actually began to enjoy my lessons, which was amazing as I had been dreading learning to drive, and put it off for years.

I am so pleased with my achievement and would recommend Ignition to anyone.

I will miss my Wednesday morning lessons and my chats with Jim.

Many thanks


Testimonial from Delphine in Warwick

I am more than happy with the standard of teaching I got at Ignition Driving School.

It took me a year to be ready and I passed second time around. I didn't have much time for lessons as my baby was 6 months when I started and my instructor was very patient and positive all the way.

I asked for a female instructor and I think I was more comfortable that way. It is nice to have the choice. I would recommend the school to friends. I would advise people to drive twice a week if they can, I think the more the better.

Testimonial from Tom Malyon in Swindon

My teacher, Sandra, was great! She was really friendly and every lesson was well structured. The value for money of the lessons was really good too!

Testimonial from Luke Brick in Gloucester

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Mark. He was really patient with me and acknowledged my weaknesses so that I could practice them to learn in as short a time as possible. Mark was very encouraging and flexible when it came to fitting lessons in around my education. I would highly recommend him.

Testimonial from Lucy Smith in Swindon

I loved learning to drive with Ignition Driving School! Sandra was really helpful with everything, and persevered with all the things I did wrong, and countless silly mistakes I made. The picture cards showing examples of situations were really useful, especially when learning the manoeuvres, which made it really easy. The experience was fun too, I looked forwards to every lesson with Sandra.

Thank you!

Testimonial from Angel Massey in Swindon

Ignition was so friendly to book and I was a nervous pupil, Sandra Jones, the instructor made me feel so much better, we had a laugh at times.

Testimonial from Keith Connolly in Warwick

I had a test booked and at short notice Ignition were able to accommodate.

Dennis was fantastic!!!

Testimonial from Ronnie Donkin in Swindon

My instructor Steve Perry was great, really made me feel at ease while driving and gave informative answers to any questions I had. Overall, a great driving experience!

Testimonial from Sam Haigh in Kenilworth

Colin was very supportive and helpful, he helped me to relax about the test.

Thank you.

Testimonial from Ruth in Kenilworth

As a teacher myself, I'm often quite critical of people who teach me, but I was delighted with Mark's tuition. Lessons were thoroughly enjoyable, with a perfect blend of humour and learning. I felt well prepared for my test.
I would definitely recommend Mark to others. Thank you very much!

Testimonial from Lance Lawlor in Lowestoft

Steve was punctual, friendly and very informative. He gave me space and freedom to learn at my own pace, and I think it worked brilliantly! His guidance and knowledge is highly recommended by myself!

After 20 hours with Steve I passed with flying colours!

Thanks Steve
(and Ignition for good value)

Testimonial from Kate Beattie in Redditch

Milly was a really wonderful teacher! Excellent teaching methods and gave me such confidence in my lessons. Thank you so much, I will miss the lessons! Passed with flying colours and it really was down to Milly. I definitely have the skills for life not just the test!

Testimonial from Macauley Blythe in Swindon

Would just like to say a big thank you to Steve! All credit goes to him, really helpful and informative lessons! Was fun as well as useful.

Thank you!

Testimonial from John McKenzie in Swindon

Steve was a brilliant instructor and explained everything clearly. Because of him I passed with 2 minors. Steve was friendly, polite and always on time for lessons. I wish him all the best.

Testimonial from Emily Fitzpatrick in Swindon

I was very nervous to start driving lessons as I had never driven before, but Ignition (especially Sandra!) gave me the confidence to be able to pass first time! I would recommend Ignition to anyone wanting to have affordable and fun driving lessons.

Testimonial from Kirstyn McIlroy in Swindon

Sandra was helpful in every sense of the word. If I needed any questions answered, she was more than happy to help. I felt comfortable in my lessons and she put my nerves at ease.

Testimonial from Liz in Kenilworth

Mark was patient and kind from the beginning; I remember peppering him with questions every two minutes. He answered each of them clearly, using language and examples I could understand - even in my highly nervous state! I made lots of mistakes to begin with, but Mark never made me feel silly - rather he used them as learning points, talking through why it happened so I was less likely to make the mistake again. Mark allowed me to relax behind the wheel; he reminded me that driving can be an enjoyable activity, while still being a safe, careful driver.
I would recommend Mark as an instructor to anyone learning to drive; I had an excellent experience with him and Ignition

Testimonial from Oliver Wheatley in Warwick

Colin was accomodating and confidence inspiring throughout every lesson. He allowed me to take charge of my learning as he supported my improvement in areas where my confidence was weakest. Truly exceptional instructor who I would recommend to any learner at any stage - Colin will not let you down.

Ignition had fantastic customer service. I found myself a few weeks from my test with no instructor. In less than a week I was back on the road thanks to the Ignition team.

Testimonial from Lauren Pierce in Warwick

I had previously had lessons with another driving school and failed my driving test. I only had a short time (3 weeks) until my driving test retake and was worried about passing my test. My instructor (Dennis) was fantastic and helped me feel more confident about my driving ability. I passed my test the second time thanks to Ignition.

Testimonial from Katy Smith in Swindon

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Sandra, she was very friendly and I feel that she taught me to drive very quickly as I passed first time, in less than one year learning.

I also believe the price of the lessons are very good compared to other driving schools.

Testimonial from Menino Fernandes in Swindon

My driving licence was revoked and had to re-apply for a new driving licence. I wanted to take a few classes to get me on the road after a gap of 3.5 years. Steve saw my requirement and suggested exactly the amount of hours I required to get prepared for my practical test. I had taken lessons from 2 more driving schools in Swindon but they were nowhere close to the quality of lessons given from Ignition Driving School. I am very happy that I passed within the first attempt and I will always recommend IDS to all my friends / relatives.

Testimonial from Rabia Liaquat in Warwick

I was looking for a female instructor and found Kelly...I had an exceptional experience learning to drive with her. She is a real good instructor who knows how to deliver the lessons which can be easily comprehended by pupil...She keeps on notifying mistakes during the lesson and debrief overall progress in the end of every lesson which really helps in understanding and rectifying the mistakes. She was very flexible with lesson timings and always accommodate me whenever possible. She is encouraging as an instructor and chatty and nice in person. I had a wonderful experience with her.

Testimonial from Bridget Coady in Lowestoft

My instructor was patient and encoraging at all times. He kept me going even when I felt like giving in. I would recommend him whole heartedly.

Testimonial from Beth Gore in Swindon

I chose to do hourly lessons after being recommended by a friend. I took my first lesson a few days after my 17th birthday and immideatly felt at ease with my instructor. The lessons were great value for money and my instructor was really helpful and firendly.
She made me feel like I made great progress every week and I went on to pass my test first time in January. Thanks Ignition

Testimonial from Emily in Warwick

I recently passed my test first time with only one minor thanks to Dennis. I found all the lessons we had were productive. I had previously had lessons with another driving school so I knew the bascis, however I felt in my first lesson with Dennis I had learnt/done more than in previous three lessons with another instructor. Dennis was very patient and easy to get along with, I would recommend Dennis to any one and am going to do my pass plus with him.

Testimonial from Daniel Wright-Hawarth in Stratford

My driving instructor Dennis was brilliant. He was always punctual, extremely effective in his instruction and was flexible regarding the lesson structure and timing. I felt engaged and he brought me forward leaps and bounds until I passed my test.

Testimonial from Sabrina Young in Swindon

Steve is a great instructor, gave great pointers, is a funny person and great support. Thanks to Steve I've passed my driving test!

Testimonial from Keira Blake in Swindon

My experience with Ignition (Sandra) was very good. She was always very patient and very friendly! I always felt at ease and comfortable while having my lessons, I would highly recommend the driving school, especially Sandra herself.

Testimonial from Tananya Kirk in Great-yarmouth

I enjoyed the course. The instructor was very helful and kind and made me relax and comfortable. He built up my confidence with driving a manual car (as I had only ever driven an automatic car before) and I passed my test first time. I would recommend Ignition Driving School to every one who is looking for the best driving school.

Testimonial from Victoria Baker in Leamington

After a previous terrible experience with a local driving school, I was nervous about getting behind the wheel again. However, with Dennis there was no need to be; he built my confidence back up and did everything the previous driving school hadn't. He's punctual, honest and builds lesson upon lesson, taking a nervous learner to a confident driver. Thanks to him I passed my test first time.

Testimonial from Anonymous in

My instructor was v.patient and encouraging. He was also sensitive to the fact I was nervous. He was always relaxed, good company and tailored the lessons to match my mood, level of confidence and experience.
I would certainly recommend Ignition

Testimonial from Carol in Swindon

I was nervous when I first booked my lesson, but excited as well. Steve straight away made me feel comfortable. Steve was/is a very good instructor and I would recommend him as an instructor and the driving school.
There isn't anything I could complain about.

Testimonial from Amanda Peck in Norwich

Steve was a great teacher and very patient. Thank you.

Testimonial from Anonymous in Warwick

I always felt comfortable during my lessons. Kelly was always on time and gave me plenty of notice when she had a reschedule anything. I would recommend Ignition Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Testimonial from Rosie in Swindon

My previous driving instructor had been short tempered and made me extremely nervous. Sandra created a calm relaxed atmosphere in the car which made me comfortable and at ease when driving. I also believe this helped me learn quickly

Testimonial from Amy Chesworth in Chester

I was very happy with my instructor, Dan. He was very friendly and helpful in supporting me and my driving. On the day of my test, I was so nervous but Dan really supported me and put me at ease, by boosting my confidence and telling me "I can do it!". I passed first time!!!
I would definitely recommend Ignition Driving School and most definitely recommend learning to drive with Dan. He helped me pass my test in under 2 months.
Thanks very much for everything. Take care Dan; I will miss our chats xxx :-) xxx

Testimonial from Samantha in Warwick

Having had two driving instructors before Kelly, I can honestly say that she is a reliable, friendly and patient person to assist you in your driving lessons. Before I chose Kelly, my confidence in driving was low. I never felt that I could drive on my own, but with Kelly's tuition I have now passed my test and am enjoying my driving even more.

Kelly is always willing to change lessons around if you need a lesson at a certain time or day and always turns up on time.

I enjoyed learning with Kelly because although she teaches you how to drive, she makes you feel so relaxed and it gives your confidence such a boost.

Testimonial from Sofie Tayton in Leamington

I was a very nervous learner, and at 34 had probably left it later than most people to start! Kelly was excellent - calm, kind and I had total faith in her. Passing has changed my life. I have independence, and my confidence has improved hugely.

Testimonial from Victoria in Warwick

When I started my driving lessons I was very apprehensive but Kelly made me feel a little more relaxed. I found my Ignition instructor Kelly very helpful, friendly and pleasant, and she was also flexible regarding lesson times and where she picked me up. There was not anything I think that my instructor could have done differently, I think they are an excellent driving school and the tuition was brilliant. I would definitely recommend Ignition Driving School to anyone learning to drive.

Testimonial from Imo Bartlett in Swindon

Sandra was a lovely driving instructor, very calm which I feel is essential when learning to drive. Very easy to get on with, got on with her very well!

Testimonial from Cherelle Thompson in Lowestoft

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Ignition Driving School. A large part of this was due to my kind and patient instructor, Steve Lightfoot.

Always friendly and relaxed yet professional at the same time, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone wishing to learn to drive; I wouldn't have done so well and passed without all his hard work and patience!

Testimonial from Hannah in Leamington

When I first started learning I was very apprehensive and nervous, but Jim was an absolute star! Straight away I felt at ease, which really helped me to learn. Jim was friendly and funny, and made my lessons truly enjoyable, so much so that I looked forward to my next lessons.

He stuck by me through 6 tests! Helping boost my confidence and improving my skills. I couldn't have done it without him! Thank you.

Testimonial from Anastazja Stanowska in Swindon

My experience at Ignition Driving School was incredible. I am very pleased that I chose this driving school. My driving instructor Steve in particular has helped me a lot throughout my experience of learning to drive. He was very patient, friendly and explained everything carefully to ensure that I understood. If I didn't he would go over it until I was confident with it. Steve would always put me at ease whilst taking me on different types of roads and routes which I found very helpful as I was able to get used to different types of roads.

Testimonial from Jessica Ireland in Swindon

Learning to drive with Steve was a pleasure. He gave me confidence and his teaching techniques were fantastic. He is friendly, honest and a great instructor.

I have learnt to drive with several other companies but Ignition beat all experiences by far.

I will 100% be recommending this company and Steve as an instructor.

Testimonial from Hollie Snyder in Swindon

I really enjoyed learning with Ignition, the instructors are helpful and friendly. My instructor always explained any errors but never criticised my driving helping me pass first time. I wouldn't have chosen any other driving school.

Testimonial from Andy Gregory in Lowestoft

Steve Lightfoot was / is a very good instructor who got me up to test standard within a few lessons. He tells you as and when you are in need of improvement and talks you through everything that needs to be done in order to get through your test in good detail. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wishing to take their test in Lowestoft.

Testimonial from Mohamed Zameer in Swindon

Steve was a great instructor. He was on-time and made me feel at ease. The whole training was great and he was very patient throughout. I would gladly recommend Steve and Ignition to anyone.

Testimonial from E Quigg in

I am very impressed with Ignition and I don't think there is anything I would adjust to the way you teach, you are kind, considerate, patient and very pleasant to all your pupils. I am very glad I had you as an instructor and couldn't wish for a better instructor. I will keep recommending people to your driving school as I was our the moon, hope you keep going as you are fantastic

Testimonial from Jana Balintova in Swindon

I am very happy that I chose Ignition Driving School. Previously I used a different driving school and I got an instructor, which wasn't very nice to me.

After I started with Ignition Driving School, I got a very very good and nice instructor Sandra! Sandra never let me feel under pressure, she was very helpful all the time and honest with me, which made me feel relaxed during lessons.

I will be highly recommending Sandra to any of my friends, which are looking to start driving!

Testimonial from Anonymous in Lowestoft