Pass Plus

Driving on your own for the first time can be pretty nerve wracking! Statistically you are also more likely, as a new driver, to be involved in an accident than someone who has several years’ of driving experience.

Pass Plus is a course with 6 modules, which you may decide to do once you have passed your driving test. There is no exam to take once you have completed the course, but you may be rewarded by insurance companies for having undertaken the course. As some insurance companies offer lower premiums for those people who have completed the Pass Plus course.

Any driving course that helps to improve your driver awareness skills is definitely worthwhile considering, and the beauty of the Pass Plus course is that you don’t have to start the course immediately after passing your practical driving test, you have up to 6 months in which to take the course. So if you ‘ve had all your driving lessons in summer you could start the Pass Plus course in winter when the nights are drawn in and the weather conditions are more challenging.

The 6 modules of the Pass Plus course are:

  1. Motorways
  2. Dual Carriageways
  3. Country Roads
  4. Town Centre
  5. Rush Hour
  6. Night Time

Of course if you want help with any of these areas individually without doing the Pass Plus course itself then speak to a member of the Ignition Driving School team, who will be happy to arrange post-driving test lessons with you.