Covid-19 Pupil Safety

Here at Ignition Driving School we take the safety of both our instructors and pupils very seriously. As we enter this phase of finding a ‘new normal’ we want to get back to doing what we do best – teaching you, whilst keeping everyone safe. To do this we would like to put in the following measures:

  1. If you feel unwell, even on the day of your driving lesson, you MUST cancel your lesson. Even if it is the day of your driving test you MUST NOT proceed. You will NOT be charged for cancelling a lesson if you are unwell even within the 24 hour cancellation period. Your instructor may text you prior to your lesson to check you are well, please understand the importance of this. You may also be given a temperature check by your instructor at the start of your lesson to make sure they are satisfied that the lesson is safe to go ahead.
  2. Your instructor will ensure that the car is sanitised before you get into the car. This will include wiping down the surfaces you are likely to touch, such as the steering wheel, gear lever, indicators and handbrake. If you would also like to wipe the surfaces when you enter the car you are very welcome to do so. We do request that you wash your hands before entering the car and recommend that you wash your hands again once back home after your lesson.
  3. Please dress appropriately for your lesson. To avoid skin being in contact with elements of the car, we request that you wear long sleeves, trousers, socks and shoes. Please do not wear sandals, shorts or skirts, and /or t-shirts or vest tops.
  4. With regards to PPE, your instructor will be wearing a face mask or covering / visor and possibly gloves. Please make sure that you are wearing a face covering / mask for your lesson also. There have been some reports of glasses steaming up when glasses are worn with a face mask. If you are able to wear contact lens instead, then this may be a good solution to this problem. Gloves are not necessary provided you have washed / sanitised your hands prior to the lesson.
  5. Please do NOT take cash to your lesson. You can pay your instructor by bank transfer or pay securely by debit / credit card online at our website
  6. After your driving lesson, please make sure you wash your hands.

Should you have any questions or need anything clarifying please do not hesitate to contact your instructor, who will be able to run through their systems and procedures during these unusual teaching times. We hope that one day we can return to a Coronavirus free world but until then we hope you understand why these new measures have been put in place.

Many thanks