International licence holders

If you have a valid driving licence from your country of origin then you may be able to drive in the UK on your own licence for a limited period of time. To find out more information about your own driving licence and what it allows you to do please go to the DVLAs licence checker service found here...

As you can appreciate, every country has different requirements needed to pass a driving test. The UK driving test is very tough, and to pass a UK driving test, the driving needs to be of a very high standard. So whilst your driving may be of a high standard in your country of origin it may not be the case in the UK! It is important therefore that you get a driving instructor in the UK to assess your driving first before you book a driving test and you take sufficient driving lessons to improve your driving standard. Even if you have held your driving licence for several years then you will have picked up your own driving style and bad habits, these too need to be addressed before you take a driving test. This is no different to a UK licence holder who has had their licence revoked and needs to take their driving test again. All drivers pick up bad habits along the way!

Ignition Driving School is happy to assist you with improving your driving technique and changing those bad habits back to good ones! Most pupils with an international licence tend to need help with junctions such as roundabouts and also priorities at junctions, who has right of way. Some pupils need help understanding simply which side of the road to drive on, which can be confusing if you’re used to driving on the right hand side of the road! Furthermore, most pupils need help with the manoeuvres, such as parking and reversing around a corner, as these are skills that are not often tested in other driving tests around the world.

So whatever your requirements please get in touch and we can help you obtain your UK driving licence.